2009-2010 Project
Having restored a park with minimal funding, we knew we could make a huge impact on the school that neighbors the park with significant funding. Founded in 1974, Salomon Ibarra Mayorga is the largest school in Tipitpa, and where the majority of Sincotex's employees have their children enrolled. It has a total student body of 2,824 children ranging in age from pre-school through high school.

Unfortunately, there is not much state funding available for the school. The bathrooms were in terrible condition and there was no running water during the day. The walls that secure the school had holes, and the sidewalks within the school were cracked and dangerous. The library had less than 100 books, most of which were in poor condition. 

For this project, Sincotex donated $25,000 and Astro Carton donated an additional $10,000.  With this, we were able to buy the books the school desperately needed; install a water tank and replace all the pipes so the school now has running water for the bathrooms; install new water fountains, restore the bathrooms; patch all the holes in the school walls, and secure the perimeter with barb wire.

Please view below 8 sets of slides which shows before, during, and after construction pictures of the work done at Salomon Ibarra Mayorga in 2009-2010.