2008-2009 Project
After our first year of operation, we wanted to give back to the local community of Tipitapa, where 99% of our employees reside.  We decided to restore a playground that was just outside the largest school in Tipitapa.

Sincotex purchased all the materials and we reached out to our Industrial Park, Astro Carton, to see if they could help with the construction.  The owner of Astro Carton, Mr. Gun Kang, immediately committed to the project and what started out as a simple restoration became a complete remodeling of the park and its surroundings.

In a matter of two months, we were able to restore the basketball court, add a playground, clear out room for a soccer field, pave a road around the park, and add lights. What was once a rundown basketball court has now become a source of pride for the community and its neighboring school.

Please view below 3 sets of slides which shows before, during and after construction pictures of the park.