2015 Project

For our 2015 project, we selected the Ruben Dario School in Tipitapa, Nicaragua. This school has 580 students and was in desperate need of help. With no plumbing and sewage, the students had no running water and used outhouses as bathrooms. Having raised $63,190 this year, we were able to make dramatic changes to the school by directly investing these funds into the school's infrastructure. We built a concrete wall around the school, installed eight water fountains, built two septic wells, built 8 bathrooms, built two wells, installed two water tanks, added new ceramic floors to the craft areas, extended the library, repaired the roof of the library, installed new furniture for the kitchen, repaired all of the students and teacher's desks, and installed false ceilings in the classrooms..

Below are before, during construction, and after pictures of the school: