2014 Project

Over the last four years we have invested over $250,000 into The Salomon Ibarra Mayorga School, transforming the school into one of the nicest and most sought after schools in all of Nicaragua.

For our 2014 project, we will do a complete makeover of one of the second largest schools in Tipitapa; The Reino de Espana school in Tipitapa, Nicaragua. Reino de España has over 1000 students and is in drastic need of improvement to its infrastructure, much like The Salomon Ibarra Mayorga School was three years ago.

With your help, Sincotex Cares will repair the classrooms by adding insulation to the ceilings, tiling the floors, painting the walls, and repairing the doors, locks, and chalk boards. We will renovate the 6 existing bathrooms and build 16 new bathrooms to better accommodate the number of children.

We will also renovate the sports facilities (basketball court and swings) and repair the 6 existing water fountains as well as construct 9 new water fountains. Lastly, we will construct an auditorium so they can have school functions and meetings day and night regardless of the weather.

Please view below 8 sets of slides which shows before, and after construction pictures of the work done at Reino de España School in 2014