2010-2011 Project
This year we decided to continue our efforts on renovating Salomon Ibarra Mayorga School. Having raised $74,586.00, we were able to finish restoring the school's infrastructure, which consists of 11 buildings totaling 19,282 square feet.   We patched all the holes in the ceilings of the classrooms, refurbished all the blackboards inside the classrooms, re-wired the entire electrical system, installed lighting in the hallways, painted the inside of all the classrooms, painted the exterior of all the buildings, and rebuilt over 1,300 student desks. We also installed a well, so that the school could have its own uninterrupted water supply at all times.  For the kindergarten, we purchased brand new furniture (20 activity tables, 120 chairs, 3 book stands, and 3 marker boards).  We also re-tiled the floors and painted the three classrooms.  Outside the kindergarten classrooms, we purchased and installed a brand new cross trainer playground with astro turf beneath it. 

Please view below 7 sets of slides which shows before, during and after construction pictures of the work done at Salomon Ibarra Mayorga in 2010-2011