“Sincotex Cares is a foreign charitable foundation that our factory in Nicaragua established in 2008 in order to give back to the local community of Tipitapa, Nicaragua.  Each year we will chose a project with the goal of making a significant and tangible difference in a short period of time.  Sincotex Cares will oversee the project from start to finish in order to guarantee that 100% of the donations are used solely for the project.”

Jeff Rosenstock, President of Sincotex Cares

About Sincotex
On January 2nd of 2007 General Sportwear Co., Inc. opened Sincotex S.A., a state of the art jean factory, in Tipitapa, Nicaragua. Sincotex now employees over 1,100 people, of which 99% reside in Tipitapa. More>>

2008-2009 Project
After our first year of operation, we wanted to give back to the local community of Tipitapa, where 99% of our employees reside.  We decided to restore a playground that was just outside the largest school in Tipitapa. More>>

2009-2010 Project
Having restored a park with minimal funding, we knew we could make a huge impact on the school that neighbors the park with significant funding. More>>

2010-2011 Project
This year we decided to continue our efforts on renovating Salomon Ibarra Mayorga School.Having raised $74,586.00, we were able to finish restoring the school's infrastructure; this consists of 11 buildings totaling 19,282 square feet. More>>

2012 Project
While we have made significant improvements at Salomon Ibarra Mayorga School over the last two years, there is still so much more that can be done. More

2013 Project
This year we are going to build a modern library (with air conditioning) for the school and, of course, fill it with books. In addition to that, we are going to build the school new sports facilities More

2014 Project
For our 2014 project, we will do a complete makeover of one of the second largest schools in Tipitapa; The Reino de Spaña More>>

2015 Project
For our 2015 project, we have selected the Ruben Dario School in Tipitapa, Nicaragua. Over 580 children attend this shcool  More>>


2016 Project
For our 2016 project, we have selected the Divina Inmaculada school in Tipitapa, Nicaragua. 832 children attend this school and they are in desperate need of help to their infrastructure  More>>


2017 Project
For our 2017 project, we have selected the Loma Verde school in Tipitapa, Nicaragua, which has 650 students. This will be the the fifth school in Tipitapa that we have helped! Sincotex Cares  More>>


2017 Goal
Sincotex Cares's goal is to raise $50,000 (as much as we did last year) to be directly invested into Loma Verde School. More>>


Everyone that supports this charity will be added to the Honor Roll on this web page.  All donors will also be alerted when updates are made to this website showing the progress that has been made. more>>